Youtube有時也會有些有意義, 同非常值得看的東西。


曾幾何時, 我網上相簿的標題是: 等待花開的靜兒


因為我曾經作過一首英文詩代表自己, 送給一位朋友。


Room 305

A special room in SPACE,
No shoes, no socks,
Sitting on the floor,
Here's the place for us,
to write, to think and play.
Share our uncounted love,
And teach us we have to be brave.

I am the beggar on the stage,
Willing to listen and waiting for another day.
If I am in a zoo, like a deer,
I always dependence and always feel afraid.

I hope, here's a limitless steppe,
I am a rare flower, truly thanks for your care,
No more tears, no more fears,
One day, I come into full bloom in the end,
Our friendship will never end.

其實所有感情都要愛, 用愛去成長,
完滿的時候, 就會花開結果。

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Be Myself 等待花開的靜兒

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